At Full Torque Driveshafts, we believe that the only way to price a custom driveshaft is to provide a custom quote. We do not use a blanket pricing system that makes you pay for parts and materials that you are not using. You pay for the exact parts you need for your custom driveshaft. Once you have gone through the build process of a driveshaft, you will be presented with the exact price.  As always, we are dedicated to building the highest quality driveshafts for the best price.

There could be several reasons that you are getting a driveshaft vibration:

  1. You have a bad u-joint(s). They do not last forever, and they will cause a vibration once they start to degrade. Do not ignore this! The u-joint will fail eventually if you do not remedy this. Nobody wants their driveshaft to take an unexpected detour down the road.
  2. You have a worn out slip/spline. These parts wear into each other over time, and that causes a vibration. If you can get movement out of the slip/spline by rocking it, then it is time to replace!
  3. Your driveshaft is dented or bent. Driveshafts are delicately balanced, and a dent or bend in the tube will ruin that every time. Plus, dents weaken your driveshaft.
  4. You have a bad angle. Pinion angle and transmission/transfer case angle are crucial to a smooth-running driveshaft. As a general rule for car applications, pinion angle and transmission/transfer case angle should “cancel out”. Use the “Six to One-And-A-Half Rule.” No more than six degrees of angle, and the difference between the u-joint angle on one end and the other end should not exceed 1.5 degrees. Lifted vehicle applications are a little trickier and may take some finessing to get just right. CVs and Flange CVs allow for more angle. It is likely that a CV is necessary if have lifted your vehicle.

We understand the importance of deadlines for garages, fabricators, and weekend warriors alike. That’s why we try our best to ship your driveshaft ASAP. We guarantee that we will ship your custom driveshaft within 5 business days when your order was placed.

Full Torque Driveshafts has a team with over 28 years of combined experience in the driveshaft industry. You are in good hands. We take a great deal of pride in our work. All of our custom driveshafts are hand-built in house. Full Torque Driveshafts is located in beautiful southern California.

Yes! All of our custom driveshafts are fully assembled and lubricated right out of the box. Ready to install and get you on the road.

We only use high-quality parts. Utilizing the best quality and prices of all of our suppliers Spicer™, Neapco™, etc.. We never use any part that is of questionable quality. We only build what we would want to put in our own vehicles.